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Western MA


Hello! My name is Erin. I’m 11 years old and in 5th grade. Some of my hobbies include: field hockey, swimming and taking care of animals. I also enjoy reading and my favorite subject in school is math.

My scoliosis journey started when I was only 5 years old when I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia and had to do a chest X-ray. When the chest X-ray was done the doctors noticed a curve in my spine. Then I was sent to Shriners Children's hospital and they told me I had a 33-degree curve in my spine. I was immediately put in a 22-23 hour Boston back brace. I got much better and now my curve is at a 16-degree curve and I’m in a Providence night brace only.

I found Curvy Girls as a HUGE help to me and I found it as an understanding because I was a very confused 5-year-old and had no idea what scoliosis was. Now thanks to Curvy Girls I feel confident and proud to have scoliosis. I would do anything in the world to help other kids to feel the same way about scoliosis as I do.

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