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New York



Hi! My name is Zoe! I am 15 and have a twin brother and an older sister. I love to play sports, especially lacrosse and swimming. I also enjoy baking and doing puzzles in my free time. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was 9 and started bracing when I was 11. It was extremely hard for me to keep track of wearing it and keeping up with my Schroth exercises. I continued wearing my brace for 3 more years until March of 2021 when my curve progressed really rapidly. I underwent spinal fusion from T2-T11 in March and everything went very well. The recovery process was long and hard but I am now fully recovered and I am back swimming and playing sports again.

I first joined Curvy Girls when I got my brace and it made the experience so much better and easier. Being able to talk about the hardships that I was enduring with girls who fully understood what I was talking about helped me gain confidence and acceptance of my situation. I want to help other girls who are going through the same thing as me, just as Curvy Girls helped me when I needed it. I am so excited to lead helpful and fun meetings!

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