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Twin Falls


I was diagnosed with scoliosis in the summer of 2022. I have a double curve with the worst being 27 degrees. My doctor immediately prescribed a brace that I am to wear for 20 hours a day. While it was fun picking out the color (my favorite-teal!), I’ve found the brace to be very difficult to adjust to. That’s when I realized that I would love to be able to talk with other girls who are also on this scoliosis journey.  

I’m currently a freshman in high school and will graduate in 2026. I’m dual enrolled as a homeschool student and part-time student at my local high school where I am very involved in FFA. I live on my family’s farm and ranch. I enjoy showing cattle, training my dogs, swing dancing, traveling, playing board games, raising calves, riding horses, and helping my dad with farm work.  

Scoliosis is a journey I never wanted to be on. I’m sure if you are here, you feel the same way. It’s easier together, though. If you are in Idaho, consider joining Curvy Girls. I would love to meet you!


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