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San Jose


Hi I‘m Sofia, a sophomore in high school from California. I love reading, watching TV and spending time with my friends. After school you can usually find me either at theatre rehearsal,  or volleyball or swimming practice. I enjoy nature,  going on hikes and going to the beach. I participate in leadership at my school and love helping to create a stronger community there.


My bracing journey started in 3rd grade when I was diagnosed with scoliosis. I began bracing in 4th grade and spent 6 years braced. I used the WCR brace, having to wear it 20 hours a day. A couple years into bracing, I started doing physical therapy which decreased my pain levels. I remember many sleepless nights and uncomfortable days of being braced. I would go to appointments for adjustments and always had a hard time finding my voice, scared that it would take too long and I would miss even more school. Four braces and lots of appointments later, I realized that my silence wasn’t worth the discomfort and soon began to use my voice.


The day my doctor told me I could started weaning, I was elated yet I found it hard to adjust. Through the six years of bracing, I went through waves of insecurities


I am so excited to become a leader and share experiences. I can’t wait to meet new people and help create a safe space and to create a community among us.

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