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Fond Du Lac


I was diagnosed at the age of 11. I just got into this big accident and ended up in the ER that led to the discovery of my scoliosis journey. After I got diagnosed, I wore a night brace for about 2 ½ years. It worked at the beginning and stopped progression, but the progression added up and by the end I was 10 degrees worse. My doctor felt that surgery would be best. Sense I’m in wrestling, I hated even the thought of surgery fearing, I would never be able to do that again. As of now I am wearing the Boston brace, still holding off surgery so I can wrestle another year.

            Having scoliosis is hard to deal with to begin with, but not having anyone understand what you’re going though and the struggles you have, makes it a lot harder. As much as my parents tried to understand, they knew that they would never fully understand how it affected me so we found Curvy Girls. Curvy Girls gave me the emotional support and confidence that I needed through the tough times in my scoliosis journey and to accept who I am.

            Being a leader means that I can help others grow their confidence and be a shoulder to lean on. Sometimes in this journey all you need is someone to truly know and relate to the things your going through, a little bit of guidance, and knowing that you’re not alone. soon!





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