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Hi there! My name is Patsy and I live in the East Bay in California. I enjoy dancing, skiing, school, and hanging out with my friends.

I was diagnosed when I was 11 and just starting 6th grade. I had been “flagged” when I was 10 with a 15 degree curve. When I went back for a follow up X-ray 9 months later It had advanced to 25 degrees. Since I had much growth left, I referred to a specialist. I was told I needed to wear a brace to make sure my curve did not increase and to avoid surgery. I wore a brace for 18 hours a day for 2 years and fortunately it made a significant impact and I haven’t needed any further medical treatments other than an annual follow up appointment.

I went to curvy girls when I was first diagnosed and didn't expect I'd be able to tolerate having to wear a brace for 22 hours a day. I learned some tips and valued the time together and learning from others. It was a huge help to me and my mom who was in the parent group. I would like to give back and am here to help you. You can get through this!

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