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So Africa-Cape Town


I’m a recent mechanical engineering graduate currently taking a rest from work due to my surgery recovery. I may have studied engineering but my absolute favourite thing to do is paint and draw so this takes up majority of my days recently.


I was diagnosed with scoliosis quite late, at 20 years old and I had a double curve around 50 to 55 degrees at that point. I did Schroth therapy for 2 years before speaking to a surgeon in Turkey who suggested I have a hybrid surgery to stop the progression of my curves. So, I currently have a rod and a chord in my back but the recovery process is going better than I thought. It’s been almost a year since I had the surgery in Istanbul but I’m giving myself all the time that I need before applying to work. Everyone moves at their own pace so there’s no rush.


Before I was diagnosed, I had never heard of scoliosis but through my journey I’ve learnt so much about this condition and met other girls also going through it. I wish I had someone who could have advised me on this condition much earlier so it can be less scary. I want to to help girls understand this condition that makes us part of who we are and to make sure they don’t feel alone in their journey. I want to share everything that I’ve learnt before surgery and after so that at least one other person can feel comfort throughout their scoliosis journey.

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