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Meet Bethany

Sydney Australia

My name is Bethany and I am 18 years old and my scoliosis journey started when I was 12 years old.


One day my mum saw that my ribs at the back were humped when I bent over. She took me to my local GP who thought I may have scoliosis and referred me to a specialist and physio. After a few X-rays and an MRI, I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis at 18 degrees. 


I tried a Spinecor Brace then a Boston Brace, and daily physio exercises to prevent my curve from progressing. However, I was rapidly growing as a young teen and so was my curve. My curve was an S with 50 degrees at the top and 30 degrees in the lumbar area causing severe and constant pain. When I was 14 we talked about the possibility of surgery as my best option to eliminate the pain and prevent further growth of my curves as I still had a few years to grow. Surgery was a scary option especially at a young age as it's a major operation. I talked to my doctor and had incredible support from family and friends, school, the online scoliosis community and groups I had made friends with over the year which was a huge help.


It was a great help to me to share my story through various platforms to other teens experiencing what I went through. It was a way for me to give back to those who helped me and be the support for those who needed it. Young girls need each other’s support to get through scoliosis as it is  a physical and emotional struggle we all endure.


When I found Curvy Girls of Sydney I was overjoyed to have a support network close to home and to be able to share and help other girls in Sydney.  Along with Alexe, I hope to carry on the amazing work Gemma started, as we CoLead the Sydney Curvy Girls with sharing support and empowering girls with scoliosis, positively.

Meet Alexe

My name is Alexe and I am 13. My scoliosis was first found when I was 7. I have been wearing a brace since I was 9 and I see my specialist every 6 months. I have to wear my brace for 18 or more hours every day.


I have decided to be a co-leader of Curvy Girls as I want to be able to help girls who are going through the same thing as me feel less alone. All girls with scoliosis deserve a chance to feel good about themselves and being there for them and making sure they feel supported makes me feel happy.


I love to swim and play with my dog Scout. I have always liked art and all those crafty type things. Art has always been my favorite thing to do in my spare time, as I like to express all my emotions on paper. I LOVE reading and I have such a big book collection and I am always seen with a book.


Scoliosis doesn’t stop me from doing the things I love to do. So never let scoliosis stop you from doing the things you love to do.

Past Leader

Gemma 2016-18


Meet Maddy

New South Wales

Hi there! My name’s Maddy, I’m 17 years old and I’m from a little country town on the coast of NSW.


My scoliosis journey started when I was fifteen years old, I was practicing at school for a performance when my mother noticed that my back had an oddly shaped hump. We drove down to the emergency room and life hasn’t been the same since.


Skipping forward a few months- past a misdiagnosis, hours of waiting for a different doctor, referral to a specialist and as many MRI’s and X-rays as the doctor thought necessary, and I’m in Sydney undergoing a major back surgery and enduring two weeks of hospital food.


A few weeks of recovery later and I’m back in Sydney! But this time for a completely different reason--- Meeting the Sydney Curvy Girls! About a year later and here I am forming a group for my community. I would love to be able to help other girls and pay forward what the Sydney group has done for me!


I want to be a writer sometime after I’ve finished school and gotten a job. I love the magical feeling of weaving a story with naught but my laptop and my own imagination. The idea of running my own group seems like a fun and exciting opportunity. I’m looking forward to hearing and sharing the advice and stories with other people who might join in the future.

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