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Hope, age 13, Chicagoland Leader

The Slanted Tree

A seed is planted.

A tree is born.

The rich soil nourishes.

Crystals of water quench the thirst.

And the bright bulb in the sky,

so far away,



The tree grew old.

taller, stronger, wiser,

It made new friends,

and was loved to no end.



Seasons drifted away in the breeze.


The tree could not travel,

but it could see.

And it saw.


It saw children swinging from its branches,

it saw fights, and it saw hugs.

It saw birds, bees, and bugs.


One day,

it saw clouds very low and close.

Demon clouds with darkness swirling throughout.

The clouds laughed at the tree and chanted,

Tree is different,

slanted, slanted,

on and on they ranted.


He wished he could curl his roots,

and punch at the slimy brutes.


Tree felt a stick,

on his side.

It poked his bark,

and robbed his ground.

Although he knew that with its help,

he would grow big and straight,

he did not want its help at all.


As much as he tried,

the stick would not budge,

in the end,

it was just a nudge.


That day tree realized,

that he was the same as he was before,

just with a stick next door.

Although he worried,

that kids would hate that he was tied,

to a stick that would stay by his side.

They did not hate,

instead they thought

that he was even more majestic than before.