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Rachel, age 13, Long Island CG Group


Curvy Girl Convention 2012

So many smiling faces

The time has come

We take our places

Everyone’s excited about what’s going to be

I can feel the happiness rushing through me!


Everyone makes new friends

It seems like the fun never ends!

All of us talked, laughed, and cried

About how it was hard sometimes, but we still tried.


We all “strutted our stuff” on the runway

Not believing we had only been here a day!


Then Saturday came, and we were all sad,

It was the end of all the fun we’d had!


Now some thank-yous are in order – I’m not going to write them on the border!


Thanks to Robin, for all that you’ve done,

The convention was really a lot of fun!


Thanks to all the Curvy Girls for inspiring me,

Without you guys I’d have never known all I can be!


Lastly, thank you to Leah for founding this group

Without the Curvy Girls we would’ve never gotten the “scoliosis scoop!”

You’re an inspiration to all of us…

Now scoliosis won’t make us fuss!