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2014 Testimonials

I liked the overall positive energy everyone had and the way we all embraced not only ourselves but mostly each other’s scoliosis.  We were like a big family and I felt like I didn’t make friends, but lifelong sisters.”

      -  Katie, 16,  Long Island





Did you know that the average teen with scoliosis undergoes an X-Ray exam every 3 to 6 months, totaling 20 or more exams over an entire course of treatment? The EOS imaging system offers unique comfort, safety and accuracy through ultra-low radiation scan exam (up to seven times lower than standard X-ray imaging) to help your physician monitor and plan your individualized treatment.  

EOS imaging supports Curvy Girls everywhere with low dose and high quality imaging. Treating scoliosis can be tricky and EOS is honored to watch your back. To learn more, please visit